Mars Cabinet installation Gallery view
Cabinet installation Gallery view
Venus Cabinet installation Gallery view


3 video installations inspired by lyrics about magic and astronomy of Solomon and of Nasa's space research. According to King Solomon's texts, extraordinary forces exist that inhabit other values that can be acquired by working with specially developed symbols and knowing how the planets are relative to the ground.

Red symbolizes Mars, which stands for aggression, war and domination, and is a force we know as explosions, violent events and drama.

  • 'Mars' 3:17 min - Pal video
  • Video: Collage of Older Military Records from U.S.A. and the UK
  • Sound: Own recordings, supplemented by filming by Felix Blume


Green symbolizes Venus, who stands for attraction, repulsion and the electrical impulses to which life consists.

  • 'Venus' 4:00 min - Pal video
  • Video: manipulated lightning strikes seen from the room. Recordings of Nasa
  • Sound: filming of Felix blume


Blue stands for Jupiter and is insight, excess and energy that sets things in motion.

  • 'Jupiter' 7:23 min - Pal video
  • Video: images and video, a composition of an aurora on Jupiter
  • Sound: composer and musician Michael Blunt Brönniche





  • 2013 Portalen, Greve
  • 2012 Danske grafikere, Copenhagen