“Space Tropicals”

Rumstormerne IIII
Rumstormerne III
Rumstormerne I
Rumstormerne II

4 linocut prints on aluminum foil - inspired by Chinese attempts to grow plants at space stations. The designs are printet with white ink on aluminum foil

Old School - exhibition at Danish Graphic Artist's association

Tine Hind, Jane Maria Petersen, Ken Denning, Charlotte Troldahl, Anne Louise Blicher, Karen Linnet and Julie Peter

Seven artists have been selected to present the old printing techniques - etching, aquatint, cold needle, monotype, woodcuts, linoluem prints and lithography, after an open call for members of Danish Graphics. In the exhibition, all the old techniques are represented and show a great variety of expression possibilities for the old techniques in contemporary expressions.

  • Danske grafikeres hus/The House of Danish Graphic Artists
  • Sølvgade 14
  • 1307 Copenhagen K

Open: Thursday – Friday 13-17/ Saturday – Sunday 11-15

From the 10/1 - 2/2 2020